Recent Vampire attacks in New Orleans

Recent Vampire attacks in New Orleans.


2 thoughts on “Recent Vampire attacks in New Orleans

  1. Chris knight

    The funny and strange thing is twilight and the vampire diaries are very accurate on what vampire’s are suppose to look like they are suppose to look very sexy and good looking that’s how they attract you just like a succubus. I know for a fact Vampires exist and no not those goth posers or “Energy drinkers” no the eternal ones the ones who are faster stronger and possibly immortal. Vampires have been around for centuries as soon as the government heard about vampires or werewolves they covered up the history manipulated the history trying to give it a significant medical diagnoses “Porphyria”, “rabies” which is wrong because even though some people lie but everyone that saw or experienced what happened said vampire lots of people seen the vampire and no not like Nosferatu the vampires strangely looked just like us vampires are on the top of the food chain vampires do exist and they have been around sooooooo long 16th century and much farther back possibly before vlad tepes leader of wallachia and witches create vampires and vampires create sire bonds and no not just because vampire diaries says so witches create werewolves. In my conclusion Vampire’s Exist Werewolves exist and Witches

    1. lynglyngibsonauthor Post author

      I’m with you on some parts of this, and you’re right, Vampires have been around a lot longer that Vlad. It’s the word “Vampire” that came about in that era. The creatures that mirror the traits and characteristics of the Vampire were called something else back in those times, I refer to them as the Fallen. Read my latest release “Wicked Truth” Everything is explained in the first couple of chapters 😉


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